Bilplast S.A.
ul. Obywatelska 117, 94-104 Łódź
Tel: (+48 42) 686 22 39,
        (+48 42) 686 56 24
Fax: (+48 42) 686 86 74


The vast majority of used moulds is owned by our customers. In most cases, a customer orders an injection  mould with us, which we outsource to a specialised tool room.

Bilplast takes full responsibility for the construction of tools - from the design to the approval of the finished product.

The process of commissioning new works, consisting of the coordination of the tool production and the design of the manufacturing process, is carried out by our Research and Development department.
The planned inspections and repairs of the instrumentation are carried out by our mechanical workshop.

Welding fixtures
Welding fixtures
Injection mould
Injection mould
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